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My grandfather spoke those words in the dialect of the Southern Appalachians as we were out behind his barn in the rural hills in northeast Tennessee. Not the rolling slow drawl of the genteel Deep South, but the more foreign sounding accent that reaches all the way back to the Scottish Highlands and the Gaelic tongue. I was taking precarious aim with his old shotgun perched across a hay bale. It was something like and I was about to have my first encounter with gunpowder.

We had been working out in the barn, well, my Dad and Papaw had been working … I was mostly getting in the way.

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This is issued with the standard Twenty four inch barrel. The stock and forend are the laminated wood stocks. The stock is really nice and pleasing to the eye. This Winchester has the early push button cross bar safety. This style of safety was only used from introduction in until early This makes this gun a early first model. This shotgun comes complete with all papers, hanging tags and accessories in the original serial numbered box.

This early gun was not fitted with a screw choke. That came out on the latter models. This Winchester is as new and unfired showing no handling wear at all. These ‘s are getting real popular and are fun to shoot! This gun should please just about any collector or shooter of lever actions. You can reach Harry or Marcia by phone at or by fax at You may also send an email to hlvfineguns gmail.

Shooting Dad’s Old Winchester Model 37

The Winchester Model Shotgun started manufacture in with serial number , Winchester data shows that these serial numbers were assigned at the end of the calendar year;. Please include the model number of your Winchester shotgun to get a correct answer to your question along with the serial number. Your serial number indicates that you have a winchester model in 20gauge.

This shotgun was made by winchester in With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model 12 shotgun was made in the year

MODEL Not serially numbered. Introduced in , discontinued in A total of 1,, were made. Re-introduced in , as the.

Updated: Mar Hello, I recently purchased a Winchester Model 23 from Flabigpapa excellent. Is it critical I know exactly what year the gun was made. Firearms produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company , by model:. Older guns still in production had their model numbers truncated, e. The 20ga, guns had serial s that started at PWK

Serialization/ Date of Manufacture

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The M was also the last of the lever-action rifles to be designed by John Browning, and featured a rear locking bolt as in his previous designs dating back to.

You are now the most recent member of the “I have spent hours looking for the serial number on my Model 37 Club” I have lost count of how many are actually in the club but it is a bunch. Meetings are held on some day every month but I can’t find that number either. The Winchester Model 37 Never had a serial no. The first edition was only made about 1 year from the later part of to this edition was called a pigtail edition because of the Hole in the breakdown lever and it also had a small hammer the second edition had a solid break down lever with a small hammer, the Third edition had a Big Hammer turn down all these three editions were Red Letter guns.

The fourth edition had a big Hammer turn down but was not a Red Letter gun and the fifth edition the hammer was turn up and also was not a Red Letter gun. The last year of production was I think.

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Well, since the Winchester shotguns, Model 37 and 37A, were not serial numbered guns, I am not sure where you are finding this number. Where is it located on the gun? In any case, the original Model 37 was discontinued in Production was resumed in , and the designation was changed to the Model 37A. So, your shotgun was manufactured sometime between and

Auction Date: February 1, 30RWinchester Model 37 Steelbilt action rifle with a 24” barrel and dirty bore that may clean up, date

All model ‘s manufactured after serial number are considered modern and are subject to all the BATF Federal guide lines including back ground checks. There were over , Model Winchester ‘s manufactured. The longest barrel length known on a Model is 37 inches. The shortest known barrel length on a Model is 12 inches. The standard length for a Model Rifle is 24 inches Special order barrels were made from 26 — 28 34 inches.

There were 1 of Winchester 73 rifles manufactured. There were 1 of Winchester 73 rifles manufactured Short rifles were made with 20 — 22 inch barrels. The standard length barrel for a Model 73 Carbine is 20 inches Winchester trappers were made with barrels from 12 to 20 inches with 15 inches being the most common.

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Introduced in 20 gauge in , 16 and 12 gauge guns followed in From its debut until the end of the ‘s, the Winchester Model was the pump shotgun, long known as “the perfect repeater. Oh, sure, Ithaca, Stevens and Remington guns had their fans, but it was Winchester’s Model 12 that dominated both the market and the public consciousness for decades. However, by the beginning of the ‘s, the times were a changin’, to paraphrase Bob Dylan.

In the case of the firearms industry, the biggest change was necessitated by skyrocketing labor costs that rendered many of the best production firearms unprofitable, a regrettable process that continues to this day. Guns designed for less labor intensive manufacture, using stamped sheet metal parts, cast aluminum frames and impressed checkering were the coming thing in the late ‘s and early ‘s, necessary to hold retail prices in check.

The Winchester Model (M37) Single Shot Shotgun is an American firearm. It was in Winchester name and filled with red custom enamel paint until Unfortunately, M37’s were manufactured without date stamps or serial numbers.

Winchester Firearms Manufacturing Dates by Serial Number and Year through the early s Below is the download link for a special resource for dating Winchester firearms. Winchester – 37A – Clyde Auctioneering. StingyTrigger table top review of the classic winchester model 37 and model 37a shotguns. The receiver has some wear most notable on the right side of the receiver. The shotgun has been poorly painted black and that paint is slowly chipping and rubbing off.

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How to tear down a Winchester model 37

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